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Marital relationship needs, love and Our motivation to enhance

  • When people see others as being Different they frequently conclude something’s wrong with you, or something’s wrong with me, or why not get your act together and change, etc. This is flawed thinking as we will see.
  • We drawn and are attracted. Difference offers interest, variety and allows us to find out ‘who we are’ when we are with people who are ‘not the way.’
  • Resonate we also tend to love these qualities in others which are either like us. It is tripping or this admiration of an unmet need that leads us feel motivated to make a success of their connection, and to love another.
  • Relationships offer chance to discover by being in the presence of somebody who’s 21, what we dislike and like. When each is that they are in the existence of the other empowerment results.


  • Dating requires that we learn to work with, and understand, gap. We are destined to repeat this energetic, over and over again. We will shed motivation to continue, and our sense of self-worth may become compromised. Wonder relationships can get depressing.

Self awareness and empowerment to Enhance our relationship

  • The combination of the above puts in a position of needing to reflect yourself, and what tastes and our emotions are telling us about what we do not want or do. We have to continue to be free to be permitted and to increase self esteem, to stay healthy.
  • Most individuals make the mistake of believing that tastes and our emotions are currently telling us. This is illusion and a projection that happens in close or intimate relationships by marital counselling services. We are consistently told by feelings. Our self esteem, self confidence and worth relies on acting on our behalf, irrespective of what is happening ‘out there.’